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So GG was kind enough to send me some allince 117s to test against the *box store* colored 117s and it has been a running test over the last few days,my results after 50 rounds of 1/4 in thru both band sets and another 50 rounds of 3/8s thru both band sets,followed today by 50 more rounds of 1/2 in Daisy marbles thru both band sets,same slingshots,pouches cut from same piece of pigskin [which is what I prefer] and the results are in. sort of." remember its not what the bands do to the shots but what the shots do to the bands" the Alliance stees to be the stronger/more powerful of the 2 after shooting 1/4 n 3/8s they were still winging the 1/2 inch at a good clip,the colored bands were noticeably losing Zip with the 1/2 inchers.Now all I have ever used the 117s for were BBs and 1/4 in,but since GG uses 3/8s and 5/16s I figured Good test,so Big Thanks to randpa Grumpy for the Bands and enlightenment!


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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