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Already shredding toys!

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Hi guys merry christmas to one and all! Amidst all the chaos in my house yesterday morning I made a discovery. My daughter was unwrapping her presents when she snagged her bead necklace on our dining table and you can guess the rest.. tears more tears and bright yellow 9mm plastic balls everywhere! I'm not sure if anybody has noticed this before but these cheap plastic bead necklaces are perfect for some indoor shooting. The balls are similar to normal airsoft bb's but twice the size, I estimate 9mm. They have pin holes in them for the string to pass but disregarding this these fly well! I now have about 40 to shoot down my hallway whilst the weather is cold after doing a google i found it quite difficult to buy plastic 9mm bb's so i may be visiting Claire's more often for some nice pink bb's
(Edit) I don't have digital scales but these weigh enough to hold stable flight.

Example :
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In Hong Kong there is a district that supplies the kind of factories that made the necklace your daughter loved so much. There is one street that specialises in beads for the trade and hobbyists. You buy beads by the pound. Every size, shape and colour is available. You can also buy hematite beads. I shot them a lot, but they didn't deliver the same punch of the lead I was used to unless the bead was very big.
Ah very interesting ZDP-189. I found that as soon as I took the beads outside they lost all stable flight after about 5m. Indoors at about 20ft in my hallway they were a viable option. While the weather is cold I shall now stay indoors, I think my wife would not be happy if I began shooting my 8mm steel around the hallways
. I don't think that i would use these beads to shoot anything other than paper targets in a catchbox but just for paper punching i like them..
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