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More of my FAMOUS cardboard tests= 4 layers of tightly packed and taped corrugated cardboard, at 5 yards, just leaning against a tree, the ammo==TA_DAAAA,using 12 lb pull flatbands.
First- MxM's= the candy,, green coconut flavor= believe it or not- it really hit hard, didn' penetrate, mushroomed made quite a dent and bounced out, I ate it.
Second a kernel of field corn-hardly any weight, made a dent, bounced away,=Too light.
Third, a glass marble, penetrated 3 layers, and bounced back past me about 5 yards, not good, too light.
Fourth, 5/16 steel ball, clear thru, small hole, worked fine, good ammo.
Fifth- a peanut, penetrated 1/2 thru one layer and bounced=I ate it= not very good nut or ammo.
Sixth, and last in this test, 3/8 hex nut filled with lead, total destruction, very good ammo for tearing up things, but very rough on pouches, will tear, or tear them up because of the points on the nut,.
Now all of the STUFF i used flew exactly where I aimed, this was 5 yards, any of it would give at least a nasty sting or break something, but it shows that ANYTHING that fits in the pouch, (within reason) will work for ammo in a pinch, i have used coins, all kinds of junk when I ran out of ammo in the woods to sting a cat or stray animal away,

that I have too much time on my hands I guess, Just that it's a cheap and fun hobby


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You really, really need to make yourself clay ammo. Costs almost nothing, shatters and leaves a dust cloud on impact, accuracy is on par with steel balls on 5 meters (still quite good on 10 meters, not much use beyond 15), totally biodegradable- the perfect short range plinking ammo!
Cool. I have a kiln.
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