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This year is a very chaotic time in our lives, so the decision to show appreciation to the contestants of the Altoid competition was made. An order to PocketPredator was made, and in order to include every participating member of the Altoid competition, Bill donated some of the tokens free of charge.???????? it is a privilege to work with Winnie and to see all the amazing craftsmanship entered in the competition.

Please remember this is a token of our appreciation, Winnie and I hope you enjoyed the competition. I want to thank Winnie for letting me be a part of this Altoid build.

I like the idea of changing up the categories suggested by Winnie???????? That way we never know how creative everyone will get, just as long it fits in an altoid box.

Thanks again to PocketPredator????

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If I haven't said it before, I am just happy to be involved with such a great group and to be able to participate at all. This Forum has improved my quality of life, because of the great people like Winnie and Tag. Thanks for starting this contest , It has started the creative gears turning.
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