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Eyewear Gadget Audio equipment Cable Bag

I made my second plywood Altoids Hunter this weekend, this time from 10mm Baltic Birch. I'm waiting for the paint to dry before banding it up. Bill Hays posted this design during a build-off a few years ago. It fits into a standard Altoids tin when separated into two pieces, and performs great as a shooter.

I made the first one from 5mm Baltic Birch, partly because I didn't think I'd like shooting it, but wanted something I could shoot when arthritis was making my left thumb sensitive to pressure.

Well, I was wrong about not liking to shoot this design, although it was a learning experience. I started out holding the shooter in the classic hammer grip.

Bicycle handlebar Finger Input device Gadget Thumb

That was okay, but I wasn't falling in love. Then I lowered the forks about ⅜-inch. That was better. Then switched to a pinch grip, with the bottom three fingers on the handle.

Gesture Bag Finger Pink Red

It was great, but wasn't going to save my thumb any torture.

Finally, I adjusted my grip so I had three fingers on the handle, my index finger in pinch position, and dropped my thumb under the fork.

Car alarm Hand Gesture Wood Thumb

Eureka! Great control and comfort, and no pressure on the thumb!

So I cut out a version in 10mm ply. I think I will keep both. The thinner version will be limited to target bands, and 1632 tubes. But both are fun to shoot. And I think they will come in handy when I'm showing newbies the ropes. People just seem comfortable with that hammer grip style, and it's going to be easy to get them to move their fingers up onto the forks after a few shots - or so I imagine!

Thanks for checking it out.


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