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Hello guys! Happy new year!

Last year I had idea to pour CA glue in spay bottle to cover own creation with it. But honestly it was very bad idea :D. Atleast how I did. Everybody knows how badly CA stinks and burns eyes. Spraing it in room was more than worse. Dont try it at home :D. Also after usage, that spray bottle is useless. Glue seals all bottle canals.

But, I found this stuff: nail curing lamps cost few dollars to buy from china. Only that epoxy itself is pretty pricey. Anyways I want test this stuff too :). I like oiled wood more, but some woods dont like oil (cocobolo and macassar eben). And superglossy surface is beautiful too.

What you think, its worth to try it?
Cheers Sharker
What a challenge. Your slings look so rich. For myself I want to connect with the soul of my sling. A coating of anything un-natural does mean that my nuerons may not connect with my sling. I also want to shoot what I own, so it may get dropped or dinged in the bag. At that point I can call it a lovemark or touch it with a little nail file. Superglue is just marginally super for me.

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