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Hey guys,
At the weekend, I decided to create a Mini-Hunter by Bill Hays! I have made one of these before but only out of plywood, whereas this one is aluminium!

I started by tracing my design on to the aluminium plate (1cm thick)
Then I began to carefully cut out using the jigsaw.
Cross Grey Table Artifact Religious item

After this I began to file the edges and finger and thumb grooves.
Next I sanded the whole slingshot/catapult until smooth with sandpaper, and then wet sanded it again.

I then began to polish it, hoping to bring out a lovely mirror shine only to end up dropping it!!
This marked it a lot!
I carried on and polished more..

Here are the results so far.. Still need to polish more!!

Hand Finger Gesture Tool Thumb

Hand Finger Gesture Thumb Wrist

Cheers Luke


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I have just had my contract end in a factory that laser cut mild and stainless steel sheets, from 20g up to 12mm+. The bits they scrap are scary, but the cost of big sheets is even more scary.

I would suggest finding somewhere locally that might scrap offcuts, and offer them slightly over the current scrap value, for say a kilo, and try buying it by the weight.

An awful lot of effort, but you could save immense amounts of money than trying to buy a 1' x 1' piece for example. And tell them what it's for, I have learned that people help loads more when they take an interest.

or you could just get lucky on ebay
1 - 20 of 38 Posts