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American Classics

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These are 3 I made today for a forum member.
They are TTF , big frame shooters. Designed to shoot marbles, rocks, or anything just about.
In order...Hickory, Ash, and Curly maple, forks.
I have incorporatred double gold , theraband flats on them. Easy pull, and super fast.
Premium American hardwoods..all of them.
Bunnies Beware!
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I`m glad you all like these big frames.
With deer season coming to a close...I will be walking the forest in search of some natural forks.
Along with my pruning saw, I will have a slingshot to harvest a few gray squirrels for the pot. I`m going to cast up some 3/8 lead for these critters because they are tough hombres. I will carry my .22 pistol for backup, and especially for coyotes!
Merry Christmas Everyone

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Hi Tom, when you go out fork hunting with a slingshot in your pocket for squizzers -- take mine please. I'd love to see you get a kill with it.
Ok Bill,
I will bring yours along with me
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O man, BB, you live the life brother.....

To say what you really meant:
"Now that deer season is over, which I successfully bagged 2 deer for a year long supply of delectable venison, I will go out with my hand crafted slingshot beauties to go snipe squirrels from the tree tops as I gather forks for future projects. Then I will supplement my diet with squirrel at night while I sit by the fire and carve my naturals....."

When and where can I sign up?!

Those are beautiful slingshots as always, but now, what I'd like to know is...where upstate are you? Maybe someone with relevance in the slingshot world is also my neighbor....

Cheers, and happy holidays!

- John
Well John,
I like your scenario on the ``life``.
You are a better writer than I am.
If you happen to live close to the fingerlakes region in NY, I am inviting you to go along with me on the quest for forks, and squirrels, (and especially coyotes) .
I actually live about 10 miles from Watkins Glen know..Nascar.
Anyway (not into nascar), I have access to 13,000 acres of National forest in my backyard. Lots of hardwoods, of oak, beech, maple, cherry,hickory,ash..and more.
One more week of hunting deer with my old .54 caplock muzzleloader....then Christmas...
and I will be able to concentrate on forks and fore mentioned activities

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1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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