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Ammo weight to band set?

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How do I know what weight steel my bands are meant to shoot? Ive shot B,B's from thin chinese bands the ones with the little pouches. with good results Now ive been playing with theraband gold. 3/8 and 1/4 are the caliber ammo and they work. I also shot white dollar store marbles. I cut my own pouches from good thick leather, my question is, does the size of the pouch have any effect on ammo size?
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Thanks for all the feed back. It really helped clear up some questions. I have been experimenting with different pouches and band thicknesses. I think I just about have a happy medium figured out. The goldie locks zone. Im focusing on not too heavy of bands and not too heavy of ammo, some where right in the middle. So I can still hunt and destroy some tin but not get worn out to quick.. Im planning on only shooting that ammo and band weight from now on. If I get board I slill have a bb plinker from the cannibal series .

Well thats the plan/goal anyway, wish me luck!
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I was waiting for new thera band gold to arrive the other day and had nothing to shoot except tubes. My slingshot has clips with grooves for the band attachments. So naturally I clipped in the tubes gave it a few safety pulls and went shooting. They worked great. No slippage, no hand slap, or fork hits. The tubes didnt suffer any damage not even where the clips pinched the tubes, I didnt have any cuffs over the tube ends. I was accurate and even got my can cut. Has any one done this? Are there any safety concerns? I have quite a few of these chinese tubes left over from before I switched to flats.
Cool, Thanks, They were some heavy bands so I might use them when i feel extra destructive or for work out bands. After shooting those for a couple days when I switched back to flats it was like pulling back pizza dough. I was able to shoot for twice as long today. but now I have twice less the amount of ammo. I lost some of my marbles. :screwy:
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