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An evening Squirrel

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It was a lovely evening so I fancied going out with the express intention of bagging something. The woods where incredibly busy with a big maybe 200 or so murder of Crows and the alarm calls travel which makes it tricky. I spotted a pair of squirrels up to no good damaging yet another Sycamore however they saw me and promptly scarpered so I continued my walk. I doubled back getting bored of being shouted at by crows.
Low and behold back in the same tree where the squirrels this time luckily this one stopped on a branch to look at me with just it's head poking through a tight fork. I took my shot.
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Unfortunately I got horribly stung on the retrieval shorts and nettles is terrible, exactly the same happened when I took some with the air rifle on my main rabbit permission dropped three in the same nettle patch and felt the sting for two days.
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Congratulations on getting yourself a squirrel, where I live squirrel are open season, people shoot them because of their abundance.
Very cool ya got one, sorry to hear about the inability to hunt in other countries, seems unfair.
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