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Hi Scotty, yeah it was out of my league too but the guy re-listed it and it said under the price "or best offer". We went back and forth for awhile and finally agreed on a number that was good for both. I was surprised it lasted. Don't know that much about it. I remember reading one of my uncles magazines (maybe Popular Mechanics?) and seeing a small ad in back where they all kept the slingshot ads. i think it was 1961 or so. I was 8 or 9. I went to the local Library awhile back and went through a ton of Field and Stream, Outdoor Life, Sports Afield magazine micro film and made a lot of copies of vintage ads for slingshots( not this one though). The Library went back only so far. if I want to go further back ,I have to go to the NY lIbrary-which I will someday. Man,there was a lot more then I ever realized! I want to paste them all together in an album. I know,i'm sick!!!! Flatband
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