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Hello Slingshot Forum friends!!

I'm just taking a recess from my vacations. Soon I'll be leaving again the big city to the countryside. But when I went back home to attend some appointments, I've just found I had a surprise in my mailbox. Amongst some other packages, there was a so long waited parcel from Dan Hood, the forum member also known as bigdh2000.

The contents of the parcel were unknown to me, with the exception of containing a slingshot of his fabrication. But I didn't knew what kind of slingshot I was going to receive. I've been in contact with Dan for the past weeks on the Internet, where I revealed to him that I was a big fan of his work. An arrangement was made between us both and he told me I was going to receive something very soon (in fact, it was mailed to me for quite some time)

And here's what I've received:

This PIECE OF ART was beyond all my expectations!!! Dan Hood is a very fine slingshot maker and that you can see on the Internet, but holding this AMAZING piece of craftsmanship in the flesh is another thing.

The first impression I had of this slingshot upon unboxing it was it's OUTSTANDING finish!! Holding this slingshot its like touching silk!!

The materials are natural woods (cedar, beech and maple) and G10 core and spacers. Absolute QUALITY!!!! Dan wrote to me that all the wood was treated with cactus juice, to deter it from shrink or swell. Such FINESSE and attention to detail in this build.The grains of the different wood types were so well preserved and captured, like some kind of archaeological pieces of rare material, from millennia ago. Impressive!!!

Don't really know what to say more of this slingshot, but undoubtedly ranks amongst one of the beautiful catapults I've seen or had!!

It will be used and cherished as it deserves, that I can guarantee.

Behold the pictures...

Plant Wood Trunk Musical instrument Tree
Wood Tints and shades Road surface Font Landscape
Wood String instrument accessory Musical instrument String instrument Hardwood
Wood String instrument Kitchen utensil Cutlery Wooden spoon
Wood Musical instrument Plant Fawn Trunk
Nature Wood Trunk Cutlery Natural landscape
Wood Natural material Trunk Natural landscape Fungus
Plant Natural material Wood Botany Branch

Mr Dan Hood, in all of his humbleness, said it was a big fan fan of my work. I can only dream of giving something as wonderful as this piece of art. I hope he will be satisfied in the least with what I'm sending to him.

Mr. Hood, You've just made me happy as kid again!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

Thanks all for watching...



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Dans work is incredible. Love all the ones he's made for me.

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Dude if there was a catty you were handed when you walked through the pearly gates - I bet it looks just like that one.

Flat out fantastic, enjoy!
Dans work is top-notch
That is amazing !
Wow! That is a beautiful fork!
A stunner for sure!
Holy Whistle!!!
Thanks for the kind words Q. Glad you like it and understand it so well. Happy shooting.

Thanks everyone else for the compliments.
Unbelievable, a real treasure. I could just look at it all day. A family heirloom for sure.
Sweet Piece! Congrats.
That is gorgeous, and the kind of slingmail worth waiting in for. I love watching his YouTube's, you can see the pleasure and commitment he gets from his creations. Plus loads of useful tips lol
She's a real looker! Congratulations my friend
Wow - thats stunning...
To all my friends, I just wanna THANK YOU for watching the thread and leave your comments!!

In fact, I'm not the only one who says that this slingshot is an absolute PIECE OF ART!!! :)

To Dan Hood, again my compliments and best wishes in his craftsman career. We know it is extremely difficult to make a living based on a craft we master and, in top of that, slingshots have not (perhaps fortunately) a wider clientele to sustain an industry. But, if there's some deserving artists who profit with our hobby, I truly believe Mr. Dan Hood's work should rank on that list.

...and now I'm gonna get ready to enjoy my new shooter, folks!! :neener:

Best regards!!!

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