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I was asked a question the other day on my anchor.
Well to be honest I wasn't being consistent, so I watched some videos and have a few questions.
I'm trying to figure out my anchor. And trying get get a consistent one to come up with a good draw length measurement. I feel pretty comfortable under my cheek bone. But when I take a look at my bands they are twisted. This is if I keep my forks on top of each other vertically.

I know from archery this is not good but is this the same with slingshots? I would say it's twisted a 1/4 turn toward my face. This happens when I place my thumb bone under my cheek bone with my hand slightly turned out
If I keep my thumb on top, elbow pointed down they line up easily but it feels awkward. But maybe this is correct?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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