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Yep, if you put the inlay materials in the crack dry and first, it gets all the way into the crack, filling it, and the CA glue will wick down through it also making it a more solid and durable repair.

If y’all find some chunk material to crush, a fantastic crusher can be made from 2 different sizes of threaded black iron gas pipe, 2 domed end caps to close each pipe off on one end only.
The larger pipe must be big enough that the smaller one fits inside it with the end cap on each.
From there, simply pour your materials to be crushed into the larger pipe and set them on a hard/ flat surface and pound it with the smaller pipe till you have the consistency you want for inlay.

On the first few attempts, you may get some little black paint flecks in your material, but you can try rough sanding the interior of the caps before use, or just deal with a few black flecks the first few times you use the pipes.

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