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Another Dayhiker inspired design made by Gib

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Decided to post this here considering this is a custom slingshot

So couldnt resist making another dayhiker design, This time instead of doing just a plain old boardcut I took a small branch of some sort of ironwood that grows native to my area, Split it down the middle and used each half to make a palmswell. The addition of the palmswell I find makes this design extremely confortable to hold especially with the scalloping done right where the handle meets the fork. This makes it very easy to wrap fingers around secure and snug. Stained dark walnut with 3 coats of semi gloss poly.

Another gorgeous slingshot design will certainly be a keeper in my collection.

Wood Artifact Hardwood Metal Font

Human body Bicycle part Wood Artifact Tool

Wood Wood stain Hardwood Artifact Art

Musical instrument Wood String instrument Plucked string instruments Metal


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Gib let me be the first to say that's beautiful, that sure is a keeper
Looks great!
Gib that's very well done and an excellent tribute to the man himself. Great work and thanks for sharing.
real nice work. must be a beauty with bands attached. this is the step after the next for me...first I will stick to the same old boardcuts.
nice one!
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