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I've been wanting to try the Dorian template from Monroe and Shane. Finally got to a printer for the template, and supplies came in, so I could start.

Materials are 1/4" linen phenolic, 3/8" black walnut, blue fiber liners, phenolic tube and G10 rod for the pins.





Drying first coat of BLO


Couple more coats and it'll be done.

· Singing along with the voices in my head
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Outstanding and dang you made that look easy

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Thanks. I'm glad it at least looks easy ;) Still learning, and trying different things.

Sweet man ! What's the likelihood we both done one up haha to cool . Looks like u done yours full size feels good eh
I was smiling a bit when I saw you post yours. I usually don't post until I'm done, but since I'd mentioned it... And yes, went with the full size. Feels pretty good.

Beautiful work! Love how you cut the swell.
Awesome CC, glad to see the design getting some use. Shane had a great vision when he made the frame.

Beautiful selection of materials and very creative.

Unless I missed it, hope Jason will share his build on here soon too.
Thanks guys! It wouldn't have happened without you (Shane) making it and you (Monroe) sharing the template.

Looks awesome! That blue pin just pops it.
Thank you. When I saw these colored G10 pins at a knifemaker website, I had to put a few of different colors in my cart. :D
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