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When Bill Hays posted his template of the Ring Finger Hunter back in 2012, he described it as: "Made to the same dimensions as the Dankung "Luck Rings"... this one is actually ergonomic and able to be used accurately with heavier chinese style tubes, either looped or end plugged."

Well, I was already hooked on the the little Dankung, so I had to try the template. To me, it looked rather like a mini Tubemaster. My first one shot great, and I've shot Bill's little shooter much more often than Dankungs since then.

It really is ergonomic, and it really is a fun and capable shooter. And it will disappear in a shirt pocket!

Green Wood Scissors Font Material property

New and old style Ring Finger Hunters on left, Tube Master Sniper (from kit) center, Micro Ranger on right.

Bill recently added an updated G10 version to the Pocket Predator website, and I got one in green. The version I have is the same size as the original, but uses a fork layout more like one of Bill's OTT Rangers. So, instead of being drilled and grooved for tubes, the top of the forks are flatter, wider, and grooved for band ties. All good, in my book. If I want to shoot tubes, I can mount them on leather tabs.

Wood Gesture Finger Thumb Tire

The build quality is top drawer. Mine has no material flaws and a finish just short of custom work.

Since I bought mine, the Pocket Predator site has added more options, including a TTF version (about ½-inch taller than the OTT). All are G10, and reasonably priced.


1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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