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any body got any ideas

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so im running like a chicken with my head cut off through
the parts dept on my day gig an i have seen these thing
a million times an it hit me,,,, sling shot
so any ideas i got 2 pair


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They look like they were made for the job, but I would make certain they were absolutely anchored. I would hate to have one of those come loose at full draw. That, and burying the hex portion so it does not tear up the bands.
They are cool, what are they actually supposed to be used for?
They look like they would make pretty sweet X-Bow fingers or an over the top fork, they have the grove for mounting all done for you.
Make a stainless frame that would look killer.
P.S do the rods on the bottom have any thread on them.
Pete's making parts a lot like that already. I reckon they should work.
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Cosmetics Auto part Metal Eyelash Engineering

they are mounting tabs for saddle bags on a motorcycle
thougt maby some tips an a antler the post are threded
an will come off ,,
would be good on a starship platform or bending some allthred for
a wire type frame
i came up with all kinda ways to use them just got to get the time
on a antler grind the lugs flush with the forks an polish out
that would be cool got to find antler now

got 2pair if sombody has the wont to an the time
dont mind shareing the welth just holla
just becareful if you come up with something way cool
youll have to make me one


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you could thread the bottom of the rod, then tap them into your slingshot body body.

good find!
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