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Any Good 3D Printed Slingshots ?

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I'm thinking of drawing up a small ish 3D sling that is thick enough for looped 1745 if need be. The forks maybe 5/8" wide at the narrow sides and between 1/4" to 3/8" thick to keep it pocketable. I would like a good hole for my pinky and maybe a mid body lanyard hole.OAL, no longer than 5.5 inches for sure with a fork gap of 1.5" to -2.00" as this will be a OTT sling.

This is to be a pocketable yet very much a user sling that can be used in serious hunting or ? situations. I will set it up for tubes or flats for this model if I can do it. Maybe a tie on gypsy tie with no hole for added fork tip strength for the tubes, yet wide enough for 7/8" flats, I don't know ? - my concern is the strength at the attachment area, may need to be thicker there and taper down ?

I can use PETG, but PETG is brittle although it is very strong, when it goes, it shatters. Some of the new Matter Hackers Pro PLA's are pretty darn good, so I may give that a try. I could also anneal it in a water as I have done many times, just have to figure out the shrink ratio ;- ) maybe make it, put it in a mold and then water anneal it so it won't deform as much ?

If any of you have thoughts please chime in ;- )

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Is either of these materials shatter proof, like a fork hit.
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