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...and that's my story...
Great post, Bugar! Very interesting!

...Although I will never be able to execute 20 shots with that kind of accuracy in one minute -- still you've made me think about the feasibility of carrying a catty for self-defense while running late at night. I've ran with pepper spray and a Delica knife for many, many years, but the upside to the slingshot is that it could be more of a deterrent from a distance?! I mean with spray or a knife, it's already come up to mano a mano at that point anyway, right?

And it's just MHO, but I'll bet that -- if push came to shove -- a bleeding-heart court might go a leetle bit more leniently on an old geezer like me that used a natural tree-fork slingy to defend himself while jogging rather than whuppin' out a shiv or a pistola to confront those gangbangin' azzhats that hassle you while out and about?! I am going to really think about this!!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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