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any way to reduce the noise of flatband?

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the flatband shooting sounds like the drum-beating!

No just the target prey but also all the preys around 40 meters flee as soon as I finish the first shot.
It has been a headache for a long time, any way resolve it?

When I take the long target practice, I often hit the target with second shot through a slight adjustment based on the first shot.

But This skill becomes useless because of the big noise of flatband when hunting.
Any solution, thanks a lot!
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Gary's not that noisy .... BADABING!

Unfortunately, everything that makes a band fast also contributes to noise. I can recognise a good pair of bands by the high intensity, high pitch and suddenness of the whipcrack.

If stealth is a high priority, the Chinese tubes are quieter and still effective. They shoot well with incredibly short tubes and butterfly tubes woul combine speed and rasonable stealth. You might also consider chained bands. They are louder than tubes to my ear, but it's not the same sound as a flatband.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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