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any way to reduce the noise of flatband?

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the flatband shooting sounds like the drum-beating!

No just the target prey but also all the preys around 40 meters flee as soon as I finish the first shot.
It has been a headache for a long time, any way resolve it?

When I take the long target practice, I often hit the target with second shot through a slight adjustment based on the first shot.

But This skill becomes useless because of the big noise of flatband when hunting.
Any solution, thanks a lot!
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The method I explain in this video reduces the noise very much:

You can silence even further by shortening the "catching" rubber.

I think most of the noise comes from the rubber and pouch hitting the fork tips and then hitting the frame/hands again on the return. I noticed that narrow frames are louder than wide frames, which fits into the picture.

I wonder if a cushioned frame reduces the noise.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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