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anybody found that DANKUNG Paused?

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Dankung has the non-stop improvement of products quality with global users. Our slingshot bands and fishing lures are overwhelmingly prevailing in market.
Recently we had a sharp increasement of sales, now there are hundereds of orders to fulfill. We decide to pause the online payment for 5 days (May 18 to May 23 ) so that we can focus on fulfilling and shipping existing orders. At the same time, we will recruite more ......................................

Hope my last week order will be shipped soon..
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agree. It's in fact very easy to use Dankung website.

about cost, Dankung had an email about it, the shipping cost grew up 70% because of Covid-19 !

To be fair - once you managed to find what you are looking for on the DanKung webssite - the ordering process and shipping (Free, or rather included) are very good. Also they do respond well to emails.

The pricing increases seem to be general to China currently - noticed in the last few months everything coming out of there is becoming more costly.

But as an example - I've ordered a few X6 POM's - which I have usually paid $12 each for, now retail at $17.
Heaven Emperor at DANKUNG is very cheap now

Dankung slingshots, albeit that they are reliable products, are a shade expensive in my opinion. I prefer Piao Yu at Aliexpress these days.

On that note, this looks like a bargain version of the so-called "Heaven Emperor" slingshot:
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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