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Well my strategy is a tad absurd. I placed an order yesterday for a Pocket Predator Topshot in solid ballistic G10, the .75 version. When it gets here I am going to wrap it up as a special gift from my dog Ollie to his favorite human.
While I'm waiting for it to show up I'm going to finish V.2 and V.3 of my Grandpa Grumpy inspired super modifieds. I'll wrap up one of them to myself from my Pops who died a few years ago. The other will come from my GreatGrandFather who died when I was 13 in 1975. He was a dead-eye with a natural and put in the dollars with my other family members to gift me my coveted Pocket Wrist Rocket! I was the king of my neighborhood when I pulled that baby out of my pocket!!

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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