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My first homemade slingshots back in 2011 were cold bent stainless steel rod slingshots, using both 6 mm and 8 mm thick rods.

This was only possible thanks to a well-priced bending rod with appropriately sized dies made in the US: I purchased mine at Amazon - a cheap, yet very effective tool for anyone who has a fairly heavy duty, solidly mounted vice:

Cold bending 8 mm steel or stainless steel rod is fairly hard work with this bender (but not with a professional grade bending rig with more leverage).

I would recommend making a wood platform rig with marked bending angles to be installed around the bending platform: accurate bending is essential for the best results.

Alternatively, you can also use 6 or 8 mm aluminum rods for slingshot frames intended for lighter band sets. Take your time with aluminum, as it can break (snap) suddenly if it is cold bent too fast.

Always wear working gloves and safety glasses when cold bending, just in case. :hmm:

Last but not least, I posted a making tutorial video several years ago for the suggested rod bender I use - here is the link:

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