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Hello, I found this at a yard sale and think it may be watch related. So anyone out there know what it is? thanks :)


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I think it's a tool used to fit glass dials to watches. Or press the backs of watches into the watch.

Or it's used to make lemon juice.

Yep... found similar:

This watch press tool is designed for closing watch case, replacing watch battery and other uses. Alloy material is durable and not easy to rust. Firm base is safe to use. ABS dies are not easy to be scratched. It is a must and convenient tool for professional or home use.

I was correct. It makes lemon juice.

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Nice find!

I believe that's something used to press on watch back closures. Its called a watch press or something like that? I've seen something like it in watch supply shops where I pick up some of my craft supplies (jewellers rouge, polywatch abrasive and I do mess around with changing my watch straps out often so I needed tools for that). I have asked to look at one before because I was thinking of using it simply as an arbor press.

Anyway, I digressed... some watches have backs that snap/push-press on as opposed to screwed on case backs. They are not very water-tight but it works to hold the movement in the case back. The press is designed to apply even pressure to compress the back plate onto the case. I believe dies would normally be attached corresponding to a watch being worked on so everyting comes together perfectly?

That press could be useful for die-cutting pouches? It could also be used to emboss brands and designs on leather if you have the dies. I suspect you may also be able to be use it to evenly flare out tube pins for a slingshot or knife handle installation with the right dies...

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