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Was wondering if anyone uses the tape that you get on GZK for making loops for a pseudo tube set. I would like to see if it works on 1636 tubes. I like the fact it is fast and I don't think the tubes would slip like they do with cotton or even rubber ties.

Just wondering if anyone has tried it, and does it hold up ? My active length is just over 6 inches and I want the loops to be 1.5" maybe 1.75 inches at the very most ! I would like just a touch more poop than singles, and a bit lighter to pull then full looped set up. Also, how many wraps around the tube do you use so it holds well ?


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I've only used the adhesive tape for attaching flats to peg head fork tips - at least a 3 inch length - can't beat the simplicity and it holds 'til you remove it. Just guessing - the tape might be a bit bulky for loops but could be worth a try.

For tying tubes in loops or attaching to pouches, the clear stretchy ribbon works best for me. Cut about 6-7 inch pieces for ease of tying. Tie half a square knot pulled tight, wrap each end around one time and again pull tight - tie a full square knot, trim the ends. Pulling tight is essential - the ribbon won't break or cut into the tubing ... never had ANY slipping. Some prefer the elastic thread but the ribbon is easiest for me.
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