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Are these nice looking slingshots?

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I want to buy slingshots
but wanted to ask first what you guys think of these slingshots
Are they nice looking?

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The second one
I think the bird is cool looking.
yeah i like it too
funny becaise the second one is almost 10x its price
It's titanium

It doesn't look like something that would fair on you.
Looks steel of some nature,often zink in Chinese metal parts, it's brittle so beware of that possibility.
Hand size, if you know what fits your hand well and enjoy to shoot that'd help you know by it's dimensions.
First one is stainless steel and second one is titanium
Yes i don't have uber large hands so it should fit me
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Doesn't really matter what we think. If you like it then that's all that matters. You're going to buy more anyway!
yes true but people still consider sling shots a kids toy
especially the shape
When you see this shape: Y
people automtically think about little kids that needs to grow up and bart simpson and all those kind of things

to counter this you need to have a stylish expensive look
and telling them that it can kill things also helps to make the slingshot more mature
Or, just don’t give a damn what anyone thinks. We all support your sport choice. Those that don’t get it are just missing out on the fun.
True then you show them a bird kill and now they all want one
I bought this one for my first slingshot for like $5, im planning to use the heck of this thing to learning the skill step by step
The more expensive ones i will use when im well trained
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1 - 4 of 12 Posts