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In my case, the pouch is steady with an anchor point on the cheekbone with my right dominant hand. However, a shaky non-dominant left hand (arm) can make accurate shooting a bit of a haphazard task: I have had to work on this issue.

Being right-handed, I have less control with my left hand, but have found that lifting two 3 kg training weights (6.6 pounds) and holding these with both arms extended to the side several times for 10 minutes each day has strengthened the muscles of my left arm to the point that I can remain very steady on target with a slingshot, even with fairly stout flat bands.

The result is tighter groups on the target. The same simple exercise also applies to archery (bow weight and draw weight) and handgun shooting: it will yield better results for those shooting heavier L-frame revolvers or heavier pistols - not to mention better control of recoil with larger calibers.

Ultimately, it's a case of training "muscle memory" of the "weaker" (non-dominant) arm and hand, as well as endurance during longer slingshot shooting sessions: 40 to 50 shots per session works quite well for me, with an emphasis on tight groups at 10 yards on corrugated cardboard. Shooting regularly helps to maintain the shooting skill level acquired.
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