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At the intentional risk of firing up slingshoothers everywhere I am going to stand firm and ask WHY are you shooting BACKWARDS??!

I have seen the question pop up here on The Forum and noticed that the conversation typically leads to the choice of the 'dominate eye'. My studies will disagree with that theory.

Using MY example of being Right Handed I will divulge my theory so that you may attempt to shred my experience and insight. I am Right Hand Dominate. This means I do almost everything right handed that requires dexterity or practice or hand strength. When I need to engage the power of my Right Hand preference then I switch to being 'Left Handed'.

As a baseball player I was taught to bat 'left handed' as in that movement you need to engage the right side of you body to essentially 'pull' that bat through to contact the ball. I also play golf from the 'left side'. I swing an axe from the 'left side'. I hold a pistol in my right hand, rifle on the right shoulder. I shot my bow holding with my right hand, and of course my slingshots.
We discuss the holding of the pouch quite often, but what about it if you cannot hold your frame steady on target? My left hand isn't dramatically weaker than my right hand. However dexterity and sensitivity is less than in my dominate right hand. I see this as an advantage in that I don't rely on my practiced knowledge that I can pinch something and lift it better with my dominate right hand. When I am pinching a pouch with my left hand all I think about is letting it go as quickly as possible. I know I cannot hold it forever so all I focus on is releasing my pinch in one smooth movement. In my thinking I have created less room for a bad release due to over-holding my pouch.

So there you go. All you LH shooters that are RH dominate need to chuck your slingshots and start shooting RH. And if your LH dominate and you are shooting RH then load up those slingshots and ship them to me so that you can start over!

No need to show up to my house to ding my mailbox! Just post your comments below or PM me for the place to mail your RH slingshots!!!
Mojave Moonshine Mo

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