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Award Winning Cupcakes

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Get favorite cake mix.

Package will always say "24 cupcakes."

However, put entire mix into only a 12-cupcake tray.

This after lightly spraying top of tray with frying pan aerosol spray.

The cupcake batter will be filled higher than the cupcake papers!

A little less water allows thicker batter to bulge upward even higher.

The finished result doubles the area for the icing to be applied too.

The mushroom tops will be touching each other after baking.

For eating, the resultant mushroom tops are much, much better than the bottoms within the cupcake paper!

Kids/Grandkids love them!!!!

A soaked wet washcloth or wet kitchen dish towel readies tray for most easy cleaning!

IE, no scrubbing needed.

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