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B.B. Wolf by Mo

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I am going to call this frame my Big Bad Wolf because I missed making a ‘perfect’ frame by the hairs on my chinny chin-chin.
I was inspired by a Bill Hay’s
video coupled with my curiosity around Spanish and dedicated target type frames. Yes I know that all slingshots hitting a target are basically target shooters. However I am talking about a shooting formula that is akin to a hunter with a self-bow vs a competitive archer with a dedicated and targeted shooting system. Anyway.
This is a white oak chunk of wood that I split and epoxied to a core of brown micarta. I expertly sanded into my hidden pins at two points but I couldn’t stress about it too much because the frame came out overall like I had intended.
I used the Pocket Predator Proclips because that was on the frame I saw Bill shooting in a video and that maybe I could freak out Ordo a little with the additional hardware!🤣
It feels really stout and nice in my hand. My thumb and pointer finger have a firm deck to rest upon. It is sort of like the difference between holding an American Made Triple Cheeseburger vs a Sad Little South American Single Cheeseburger. 🤣🤣🤣🤔
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Wow! You certainly pulled no punches. Awesome frame!!
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