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Hello everyone.

New guy here, just about a week into slingshot shooting.

Today I decided to build a more permanent shot trap/target holder. I have been using a cardboard box stuffed with old sheets, but it was messy and not so easy to get all my shot back out.

I just made a simple 4'x4' frame and used an old welding blanket folded in half as a shot stop/catch.

I just got in from shooting ~100 times into it and it works great! Now to make another one to keep at my shop so I can shoot when business is slow.


Mojave Mo
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Welcome to the Forum! I've gone through Catchbox variations of the lowly Plastic Bin. Today I put the last few touches on my latest creation that will be planted in my backyard this coming week. I needed it to blend with the forest and not be too obvious if Mr. Nosey across the road thought I was breaking his Law of the Ignorant.
I used a Sump Basin and a moving blanket. The rest is just stuff around the garage!

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