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Baltic beetle.

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Finished up this Baltic ply board cut with a palm swell. It's I'm sure this design has a name but I'm calling this one the Beetle.

This was my second version of essentially the same frame. I made several revisions. I made this one a little bigger. It has a few ounces of lead inside the handle. Increased the fork width to about an inch. And remembered to put in a lanyard hole. I also rounded out all the angles a little more.

Finished it with iron acetate and Several coats of BLO. Once it cures all the way I'll probably shine it up more.

Have it outfitted with 1"-3/4" .45 sumeike and a supersure pouch.

I didn't finish it in time to shoot outside but I did a few test shots in the garage. Seems like it will be a good shooter. Tomorrow I'll take about an inch off the AL and I think it will send 3/8 steel with some authority.






Thanks for looking!

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Nice work

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