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Well engineered and c

File Name: Band jig tutorial 2019 (updated)

File Submitter: Pebble Shooter

File Submitted: 17 Sep 2019

File Category: Slingshot Accessories

A vice (US terminology = vise) is normally used for the purpose of keeping materials in place securely between a set of "jaws", or other means to facilitate processing these with various tools.

The freely rotating vice screw pushes or pulls back the "jaws" via a connection to a fixed non-rotating element.

This simple mechanical process can also be used for the purpose of generating tension on rubber flat bands and tubes needed to tie slingshot pouches securely by means of the so-called "wrap & tuck" method, or wrapping and tying a knot.

This tutorial will show you how to build this user friendly pouch to band attachment jig. NB: You will have to purchase spring-operated clamps that fit inside the mounting block holes ("windows").

There is also a video that shows the jig in operation:

Comments and constructive feedback about this tutorial will of course be much appreciated.

If you do make one of these rigs according to this tutorial, please show it on this forum, if possible.

Click here to download this file

Very well conceived and meticulously fabricated - appears that you put a lot of thought and love of craft into the project - kudos!

However, IMHO, over-engineered for such a simple task.


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