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Hello everybody,

I've made some useful changes on my vice-mechanism operated pouch to band mounting rig:

The actual vice unit is simplified and is now directly connected to the mounting block (B) that moves along the steel rod rails.

For those who have downloaded the previous tutorial version and have started making the rig, please refer to pages 6 and 7 of the updated tutorial document now available in the "templates" section of the forum.

To avoid drilling a 12 mm and a "necked-down" 8 mm hole in mounting block B where the actual vice mechanism connects, a steel washer glued around the original 8 mm hole is fine for the purpose of reducing contact friction of the vice unit screw and inserted "stopper" screw where it makes contact with mounting block B (hope all this makes sense, hmm).

The images below show the differences between the initial design and the much improved new design (why did I not think of this right away... :what: ?). The new design ensures full rigidity of the threaded 8 mm vice screw unit when the ends of flat bands or tubes are placed under tension.

If you do run into any difficulties while making one of these rigs, I'll be happy to provide possible solutions.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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