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Groves don't really do much, I say that you can wrap your wrapping band one time around the frame and then start wrapping the bands over that wrap. But what helps that most is wrapping the band and then folding the leftover and wrapping over that again

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i'll give the wraps in the groove first a try. I already fold the tag over and wrap over that.
Yes i see many don't use grooves at all.
No problem, just do 1 or 2 wraps first and it should be good, let me know if it works for you

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Well, so far so good. About 30 shots and it's holding tight. I did however break one rule of tuning, change one thing at a time. I wiped both the band and the wrap strips with denatured alcohol. I could tell quite a bit of difference in tackiness.
So I'll just do both from now on.
I'll fling some more after lunch and let ya know.

Thank you both, Grumpy, for the replies.
My recommendation is along the line of rubbing any powder off the bands and wraps pre mounting. I simply pull the tie through my fingers once or twice,wiping my fingers off between pulls. With the fork end of the band I do similar to that end. I have absolutely noticed it makes a difference in holding ability.

Keep this one in mind because, you may be out and about and need to change a set. You don't want the latex to be stored stripped of the protectant powder.
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