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Band tapering and accuracy.

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I know the amount of taper in a band affects the velocity of the projectile but does the amount of taper help accuracy? I cut my own bands and if I am only shooting indoors I do not care much about power. My main concern is accuracy and the straight non taper bands last longer and are easier to cut.
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Faster projectile speeds would mean a flatter trajectory and a lower draw weight would enable steadier holding over targets as well as less fatigue over long sessions. On top of that, a tapered bandset has a predictably safe breaking point we'd learn to trust so we'd never flinch in anticipation of a break. I don't think any of that would be detrimental to shooting form?

There are pros and cons with tapered vs straight cut bandsets and if you search, you'll find a lot written on the subject. I wouldn't worry about it affecting "accuracy". Accuracy depends on a lot of other things. Everytime we make a small change there will be a change in our shooting performance owing to familiarity of equipment regardless...

Just experiment, learn and enjoy... we all have preferences discovered through an adventure of experimentation. Have fun!
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