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Band Thoughts on two sets!

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A couple of days ago I received two sets of bands from two different shooters asking me to give my thought on them. I have shot both sets and here are my thoughts. First the set on the left is Rayshot’s. This is a set made for shooting BB size to 1/4 inch diameter steel shot. The magnet is the smallest that I have ever seen installed in or on a leather pouch. The pouch is laminated with very thin cowhide and pigskin leather. The very thin small magnet is installed between the laminations. It easily picked up a 3/8 inch steel ball. I shot 3/8 steel balls and bb’s with it and it worked very well. One could hardly tell that the magnet was there except that it held the shot. Very nice Ray --- Next is a set of ZDP’s fast bands on the right. I shot 1/2 inch steel balls with them and had no noticeable fliers. They shot very well. They were nicely made and had excellent instructions with them. The rubber was Thera-Band Gold. These also are a very nice set of bands. Thanks guys!! -- Tex


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Tex: did you experience any issue with the narrowness of the pouches causing top or bottom spin, when shooting 1/2" steel ?
I asked because it's looking more like the issue I encountered may have been at my end, rather than the pouch. I'll experiment further when my collection soon grows enough to allow me several types of bands to be permanently mounted on different slings. It's always nicer to be able to simply grab a different sling from one's collection than change bands.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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