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I am sure I have at least a dozen posts on the Forum where I babble-on about Banding Jigs, was gonna stop, and yet here we are. 🙈
I vowed many months back to quit bitching about jig-fiddlin’ and tired fingers and just band up my businesses and go shoot. However, this thing came in the mail from the CCP and I immediately ‘drawered’ the stupid thing because it has a bottle opener on it. No bottle openers allowed on anything beyond a Leatherman or a Victorinox please!! (a gripe for another thread). Anyway, this is it.
Automotive tire Wood Auto part Cable Wire

One day I decided to find out what this thing does besides open bottles. I watch a GZK video and got the general idea. Then I saw another version made by GZK and became intrigued enough to make my own.
Body jewelry Silver Eyewear Natural material Font

Hood Vehicle door Bumper Automotive exterior Writing implement

I can link a video for you of it in action but I think I’ve adapted the function a little for bigger hands after deciphering what I’ve seen and heard. At first it just seems like another fiddly way to make your elastic sets. Yet after just making two sets, and looking at the stuff I haul around, it started to become an easier decision. In this photo I have all the stuff I use to create my elastic sets. The stuff below the scissors is my Mobile Kit. The gear at the scissors and above is my Desk Kit.
Pliers Electrical wiring Gas Bolt cutter Metalworking hand tool

Here is a simpler photo. The Jig, Clamps, and Crystal String is the minimum I need to make a set (add scissors). The ‘Thing’ shown at the bottom along with the Crystal String is what I need to REPLACE the jig and clamps!!? 😳
Hand tool Metalworking hand tool Saw Tool Wood

The next photo is what I NOW need between my desk and my mobile kit to make or repair a bandset!!
Wood Pliers Round-nose pliers Line Tool

I use my Alfred E.M. (RIP) Collar Tool a lot so it stays in the works. And for the Mobile Kit below I keep the multi-tool in there in case I need to open a bottle.🙈

Shoot Safe and Eat Your Greens!

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I was going to post a video but here is a still photo reel instead. I used a flatband cut-off so you could see it. I wasn't sure it would pull-through the wrap but it did okay.
1. Set your pouch like you always do but don't clamp it.
2. Put tool in hand and pinch it along with elastic. (seems like I don't have to pinch the tool).
3. Pull pouch to stretch elastic and hook the hole over the end of the tool to hold it.
4. Prepare the wrap material. The material needs to fit in the cut groove on the tool in the final wrap.
5.After wrapping pull the pouch to expose end of tool. Make final wraps and make sure elastic gets into the groove. (Not Pictured)
6. Pull the loose wrap end through the wrap. Seems a little spit before pulling the tool out of the wrap is recommended.
Plant Thumb Nail Liquid Twig
Finger Office supplies Thumb Material property Nail
Tool Personal protective equipment Blade Fashion accessory Composite material
Creative arts Carmine Fashion accessory Athletic shoe Sportswear
Finger Wood Thumb Nail Natural material
Hand Dress Cosmetics Material property Thumb
Twig Eyewear Table Event Metal
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