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So last week, I got a little bored at work and decided to make a thing. It's not done done, but it will shoot, and I will definitely be changing out the rubber and pouch....... but I got a little excited to kill some cans. Anyway, heres the build start to almost finish.

Got the idea, and found a wrench I had more than one of

Hand tool Tool Metalworking hand tool Wood Peripheral

trimmed down the jaws a bit to make something usable

Dress Wood Sleeve Grey Plant

Had to cut some fat

Hand tool Input device Peripheral Computer keyboard Space bar

Sanding it down to get rid of those rough edges

Hand tool Wood Tool Stonemason's hammer Wrench

self explanatory

Wood Metal Gas Nickel Titanium

making things smooth

Hand tool Tool Wood Household hardware Knife

wanted to test this old gloves leather to see if anything was workable with it

Wood Tool Hardwood Font Wood stain

and the finished product

Tool Wood Hand tool Office supplies Font


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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