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I made this Hammer grip slingshot specifically for BB's and ¼" steel. I found some three-quarter inch plywood in a dumpster that was very light almost light like Balsa?? I made a normal slingshot out of it shooting heavy bands with 7/16 inch steel a while back. On about the 15th draw the entire Fork just snapped off??! Scary moment for sure! So I put the rest of the scrap away just in case I could have another project with it... I think this one will be a good BB shooter.

The handle is made from 1 inch thin wall PVC that I heat it up and then squeezed in my hand to form the shape of my hand. The slingshot shoots well with this configuration and with only less than 5 lb worth of draw weight I'm not worried about it breaking like the last one.



1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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