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BB Shooter

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Just finished my new slingshot. It is poplar multiplex
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Hi again. I was wondering if other members could also see the photo
Yep, I can see it fine.
Nice looking little shooter there Man!
I can see it as well, and it looks fine and dandy! It doesn't look like multiplex, but no matter, poplar is good and strong. I haven't seen it in your hands but I think it is plenty large enough to shoot things other than BB's through

Cheers - John
Ergonomic and strong. Looks like a good shooter to me!
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That looks real nice! How does she shoot?
Shoots great Perry. Ordered one of your ps2 in red just the other day
I like it and the thickness gives it needed heft. Seems like a nice piece and keep us posted on how it works out for you.
Looks cool, I hope it shoots well for you.
Shoots great Perry. Ordered one of your ps2 in red just the other day
Great!!!! My family and I have been burning the midnight oil as of late to get all the orders we have out in the post by Monday for Christmas so your is in the batch as well. The only thing missing here at A+ is some curly toed shoes and green tights!!!!

Priority Mail is 2-3 days in the states so everyone should get theirs we hope!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Perry (A+) Adkisson
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thanks merry Christmas and a happy new year to you guys aw well
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