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BB Size and band width

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What size BB's to use?

I'm thinking this is probably broken down in to 3 good options?

The best size for hunting

The best size for targets

The best alrounder

Same question for bands?

Thinking of theraband, what is the best width of gold to use and for which application and what size BB.
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I still use theraband gold for a lot of my shooting. For me it is like the base line all others are judged by. That said I do like the .60 and .65 precise from Dankung. I found that I like a band set cut to a 20mm to 12mm taper and a 220mm length for general use and I mostly shoot 3/8 steel but with the .65 precise I am comfortable shooting 7/16 steel. I only target shoot and do not hunt but these set ups seem to work well on both soda and tin cans. Just my $0.02 :)
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Do you know of any us seller that sells precut tapers?
Yes simple shot does:
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