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Anybody BBQ or smoke as a hobby? I figure all the southern boy's here...there's gotta be somebody. I bought a Pit Barrel Cooker maybe 5 years ago. I have done lots of ribs, chickens, brisket, thanksgiving it was sunny and 73 (sorry..cali thing again)...I was at a new supermarket..and they had beef ribs.for $10..and I have NEVER had any success with beef ribs....I can do spare and baby back very well..but for $10 each....I had to try. I was thinking of a bullet...a slower cooker...but I don't really eat meat that this is good for now...pretty simple...anybody here have a PBC?

I BBQ for 6 hours..the last two in foil with I have done so far...very tender and tasty. I know in can really get a hold of some good beef ribs to cook......

I have so many pictures...because photography is just a I always take pictures of most everything I it.


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