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This is a subtle modification of Beast a great, stupendous PFS by KevLucky7, which template is in the other forum. Hope I'm not breaking any rule here. The original is this, meant to be a shallow metal PFS.

Font Art Rectangle Symmetry Drawing

I draw a 40 mm diameter semicircle in the fork. Now its a mix of a PFS and a 'normal' slingshot and, to me, much comfortable and universal to say so.

Fluid Liquid Font Circle Symmetry

Here're the result, in mahogony

Brown Artifact Wood Tints and shades Art
Cross Wood Creative arts Artifact Art

Guitar accessory Hand tool String instrument accessory Tool Font

Hope you like it.


Mojave Mo
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I like the point. With the color wood it gives it a sort of 'victorian' classy look to me. Plus you could pop a hole in a watermelon no problem.

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