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Boy, if I ever wished I was a good photographer, it is now. My pictures will NOT do justice to this:

You may remember my custom-fitted natural below.

Well, Peter from Hogan's Castings, who advertises here on the forum, offered to make a casting of it -- absolutely free of charge! I jumped on his offer and he came through with stunning results. Peter, I just cannot thank you enough. I just wish I could do your work photographic justice here.

Notice the beautiful laser etching -- my name on the right fork!

There it is. Words fail me. This is just an amazing piece of work, and I am honored to that the guys at Hogan's did this for me. Thanks again.
hogans castings are currently building their new wesite(milbro pro it out - nice gati i have had a few cast myself over the years by different companies-these days i prefer the cold water cut method from a solid bloke as its much much stronger(not that it matters when made in various metals)but i can always get a better finish that way as there are no pigments from the casting once the metal has settled-my son supplis hogans with their new theraband gold flatbands-great guys to deal with and splendid service-please feel free to view my gallery of all my own personal slingshots-great work and happy shooting my friend
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