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Best bands?

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So I am very very new and very clueless in this topic. All I know is that I want to DIY my slingshots with rubber by myself for three reasons.

1.) It's cheaper

2.) It's more badass

3.) Best quality shots

So I want a roll of latex which is the BEST at shooting at high velocities, durable and affordable. Then with it I'd like to know what kind of little high quality strings/mini bands I can use to tie/fix the bands to the slingshot itself. I know there are many videos around this topic but I'd like to see what this community prefers. I'd appreciate any links or brand names or ideas. Thanks! :banana:
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I get more speed from the Sumeike Green's then from the simpleshot black. But they all work fine with 7/16" ammo.
Plant Tree Biome Grass Wood

Plant Tree Table Wood Chair

And Simpleshot black-
Plant Tripod Tree Wood Cameras & optics


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Do you have a taper or is it straight Cut? Thank you
Different tapers. ¾ to ½" for clay
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