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Best slingmail EVER! (IslandMade)

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Shane kept me waiting for this for a little while. Well, actually the global pandemic kept me waiting! But man was it worth the wait! I don't think anyone will top this slingmail for a while. I asked Shane to make me a Stanley and of course he didn't hesitate in the slightest to say yes. We threw around a couple of ideas and settled on white G10 with black spacers. He knocked it out of the park with the final result! Trust me, the pics don't do it justice. It is flat out awesome!

THEN he tells me that he had some extra G10 left over, so what does he do? He makes me a matching neck knife! O2 tool steel and a Kydex sheath.

THEN he throws in a full size Thumper, just because he knows it's my favorite frame!

THEN he throws in an aluminum SPS that he knew I was eyeing!

THEN he throws in a couple of PFS frames, just because! Pics don't show them at their best.

Not to mention the fact that he made a handle for an extra set of mini Heavy Hitter forks he had sent me a while ago!

So the challenge is on. Anyone that can top this slingmail will get a shiny new nickle from me!

You're the best Shane! Appreciated beyond words!!

Organism Gesture Bird Plant Art

Musical instrument Gesture Wood Font Tool

Rectangle Wood Twig Petal Font

Rectangle Sleeve Font Automotive exterior Automotive lighting

Drinkware Stemware Font Art Pattern

Plant Organism Font Terrestrial plant Art


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Congratulations on some amazing slingmail.
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