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You know Tag, there was a time that I would agonize over the length of bands or tubes. I still get them as close as possible to equal as I can.

The reason I'm commenting on this is sometimes I wonder if it really matters at all? ( What's this you say Gary? ). I was at one of the ECST in PA, and I happened to be studying Mr. Blue Skeen and his shooting technique.

I was watching everything he did. He was knocking targets down from all distances. I then happened to glance at the way he held his pouch. Without exaggeration, I would say the pouch was at least 3/4 of an inch off from having the pouch edges equal like we all do.

Combine this with the fact that Blue cut his bands with a big long set of seamstress scissors ( which more often then not left them not perfectly parallel or equal in width ). I put this new found knowledge and utter disbelief and added it to my own experiences of shooting when one of the bands was torn.

I would continue shooting ( as a lot of us do ) until there was only a shred of the torn band left-and yet I was still hitting the target and still with decent speed! We all do it, we all of have seen it happen and yet it still fascinates me. Physiologically I still make bands as equal as I can-but does it really matter?

( HMM, ONLY THE SHADOW KNOWS! ) God, I'm dating myself now. The older people on here understand. Pretty interesting huh? :screwy:

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Good question Tag. I don't know if it matters either, but I like to try and get a tube set symmetrical.

I also tie the pouch first, then starting at that tie, lay the single length over a ruler and mark a Sharpie dot where the next tie will be. Then I fold the tube around a one inch wide ruler and mark another dot lined up with the first dot. One inch ID loops work fine on all my tube frames, even the POMs with fat ears. I sometimes have problems with a tube set if I don't get the natural curve of the tubes sorted and mirrored before tying. And much as I've tried, the only way I can eliminate slippage is by tying over cuffs with clear stretchy ribbon or elastic thread, so I do that at both ends.


1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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